Friday, February 08, 2008

(purple skies)

I'm due to submit my elective subjects selection for next year in three weeks' time. It feels overwhelming (if not slightly disconcerting) that I can only submit selection for three subjects out of the 20+ offered.

One thing I'm glad about is for a close friend's courtesy to help enslave me last year. Despite spending over half of my waking hours for two weeks hunched over some strangely shaped concoction of fusible interfacing, jersey and rigilene, I learnt that: (1) corsetry is not dead (2) there's more to corsetry than T&A tightlacing. This knowledge, combined with my parents' generosity to let me do any short courses 'as long as they're relevant to your career', helps me jump on the learners' bandwidth early on. Maybe UAL should give me a discount card for the courses I've taken with them.

Which does make me think... these few days I've been reading several strange and thought-provoking academic articles on fashion from an anthropological/cultural viewpoint. It's interesting to learn side-saddle horse riding in a long skirt is definitely a safety hazard, or the fact that men are more harshly expected to conform to a narrowly defined aesthetic standard.

As for not having the internet, it clearly limits my blogging time, but I don't find this limitation too bothersome. I got myself an overlocker (that's mesin obras for home folks) and as a consequence my fabric consumption has trebled - I've gobbled up the fabric allowance the school's stockroom has given me. Well, to be honest I didn't take the prerequisite jersey fabrics (ended up buying them instead) and used my allowance to get myself a nice bright green canvas fabric for... a rug. My flatmates have cheerfully dubbed it 'the grass'.

And, oh yeah, the man's gone. Long dead the man.
(If he came back to life I'd definitely freak out and start shooting silver bullets.)

On a tangent, I found this interesting obituary in the Guardian. What you make out of it is up to you.

Anyway, time to go off for shopping! That's fabrics for you and me :))
Take care ^__^

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johnorford said...

i never thought of men being constrained so much in how they dress -- but it's true!

nice thought :)