Monday, February 11, 2008

(halfway through)

This term, I'm lucky to be enlisted in a class taught by a graduate award winner and the course director. Needless to say, it's pretty spooky too to speak with the Cultural Studies director and realise that she calls me on a first-name basis (photographic memory? stalker material? dunno...)

Anyway, I'm working freelance as a technician to get more use out of my machines and add dough to my stash.

Other bits of things I learnt today was (apart from the fact Peter Jones stocks things that John Lewis may have little in supply) is: the club is within walking distance from home - sans stiletto, that is. I'd like to check out what it's like... maybe Qwee and Tissa and Nat would be interested to hop along as well... but never mind hitting on the princes. W's on training and I'm not keen on having H as bedfellow, so we all can rest assured their list of admirers hasn't grown longer.
(No, not even to the free entry night on Wednesday, I've got morning class the day after.)

Aaaanyway, gotta get going now. Take care! :))

P.S. didn't know James Riady went to the same alumnus. Ah, it's a big uni after all (thanks KDRI!)

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johnorford said...

"having H as bedfellow"?

Saucy! ;)