Friday, March 30, 2007

I Know a Place

Two weeks into the break and already in dire need of sleep.

Last weekend I went to Kent with my friends from church for a weekend away. I had previously thought that I was made for the gorgeous outdoors, albeit with a chic appearance, given my seemingly endless amounts of energy (yea, right.) My romantic notions were squashed when I realised during a walk in the countryside that I detest getting my shoes dirty! .\\//. Nevertheless, the manor we were staying with had some very cool equipments to clean boots with, which was good. They understand getting muddy is a part of life.

(I love paved or stony walkways.)

Secondly, I have been devoting much of my free time to help out a third year student - see past post for explanation. Although I love earning money, it has not been my primary motivation for helping her out; I simply would love to be lent a pair of helping hands when it would be my turn to do my graduation collection. It takes a lot of time, practice and patience to neatly finish a garment. The girl I'm helping out used to work at Alexander McQueen for two years, so she now has an eye for details - and the technician she employs is also a person for details. I'm so blessed to be able to see that every little button and every little way the thread goes through the fabric turns their finishing into a little work of embroidery. Besides, I also get fed a decent dinner before I leave every night... which is good!

Living at home with parents while studying is certainly a blessing. I totally understand that they may turn into nitwits who don't fit the description of 'cool' and 'flexible', but nevertheless they are a great help when it comes to being with you when you're going through a slog in your life. Sure, I can go through life independently, but there are times when I sit back on my bed and wish my parents were around to bother me so that I would move on.

I'm planning to go to Stonehenge on Monday. Between Monday and now, then, what I would do is sleep and rest as much as I can have. I might to go Tate Modern to see the slides. I'm just a kid who refuses to grow up play-wise I love playgrounds ^__^

Lastly, London tube map is a great design invention, but it's highly misleading when it comes to being a guide for pedestrians. I just found out that I live not that far away from a lot of museums, which means more walking on foot and more sightseeing! Plus more exercise for my lazy body. Tee hee hee :))

Have a good day!

When the whole world lets you down
And there's nowhere for you to turn,
'Cause all of your best friends have let you down, do-o-own
Then you try to accumulate
But the whole world is full of hate
So all of your best starts just drift into space

I know a place where we can carry on
I know a place where we can carry on
We can carry on, we can carry on
We can carry on, we can carry on

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aroengbinang said...

enjoy the reading very much, from the beginning till end. whole world is full of hate, but in it we'll find love, oneday. salam.