Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Itu Aku

Despite the fact it's Day 8 of the Gregorian calendar year 2008, I feel no qualms on... fretting about the previous year. Blame the fireworks, fabric-hunting and globe-traveling for the lateness :}

With my general state of health back in check, I'm happy to start the year doused in work (save the untouched holiday homework for next week's presentation). When it comes to 2007, my mind inevitably comes to these...

Getting into a BA course
For most of February and March, my favourite pastime (other than doing schoolwork) included hand-wringing and UCAS form-filling. The pageant experience came in handy for BA placement interviews.

Spending summer
Didn't score a job at Maticevski, wasn't needed for costumes and sets. So, it was London for summer. The weather was good on occasions, the pay was kinda okay, made lots of friends, learnt lots of things (both academically and life-wise), felt lonely, went on a Sloane Ranger life... summer flew out of my window and painted my memory with vivid colours. Which reminded me, I did win something.

Moving out
So yes, I moved out of SW3 (who knows I'll be back?? living in my own property?? XD) It was like comparing Yve to Rumah Susun Kemayoran. But then, central London residential buildings on average are old and dinghy, so there weren't much shock involved. I was way too timid, and I'm glad to have friends who managed to send chills down the spines and make me pick up my acts. I still cringe whenever 'toilet' and 'elevator' come to mind, but other than that life's fine and my flatmates managed to make that place feel like home.
(Oh, and they took the TV out of my room too, thank God I have more space now.)

Being not ashamed of myself
Big homework starting from last year, and probably will last for a while.

The resolutions
No new year resolutions for me - I'm sticking to this. Deadline is less than five months away.

Moving in with friends is like marriage - each found out about the dark sides of the others. It helps me to be less politically correct and more astute in expressing my views and preferences on many issues, some of them being nutrition and personal hygiene.

The BF question
Once and for all, I shall make it clear that I do not like to be hindered by anything or anybody while pursuing what matters to me. I am normal, I appreciate guys and occasionally I like them too. But if asked whether I'd leave my study uncompleted, please don't be suprised if a d'oh glare becomes currency of the day.

Desire to own...
Pantone colour fan, exquisite fabrics and the ability to fly private jet on demand (visa included.)

Well folks, I think these sum up a lot already. Have a nice day! :))

P.S. shopping in Dubai yielded reasonably-priced face wash and isotonic drinks, $40 Nintendo DS excluded.

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