Saturday, January 05, 2008


I've got three hours to kill until boarding time.

(After leaving this page to wobble on other minimally value-adding activities, that leaves me with 90 minutes.)

Anyhow, I went to see this woman I met last year at the airport's beauty lounge. I enjoy chatting with her (despite the fact I'm online under the pretext of virus definition update) because Dubai can get prohibitively expensive to enjoy at times. I came across the folks who worked at the free buffet restaurant, who are still extra nice to me... maybe it's because of the hair job :p These are better than roaming through duty free shops, and rank closely with my miss-the-SQ-flight experience nearly two years ago. (Geez, time does fly!)

One funny thing that Mercy (the beauty lounge lady) asked me about is whether I'm a granddaughter of Soeharto. Or, at the very least, comes from a diplomatic family.

Really, do I even have the smell of these kinds of women! XD

I actually intend to blog about more serious things (issues-based as opposed to people-based), but it's not flowing well at the moment... so I'll keep them for later.

Ah, now with barely over an hour left till boarding....... it's time to hit the shops.

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aroengbinang said...

enjoy very moments you have ndukkk... and don't hesitate to spend money :)