Friday, June 01, 2007

Beautiful Star

This would possibly constitute the last post I write on my 23rd year of life.

As a way of improving myself, I have a few pacts I would like to make. And here they come:

Pact #1 To not delay or be late for anything
To be honest, this is a major thing to accomplish for me. Currently I am a bit short on the discipline departement, and although I always manage to pull things off on time, I would like to have less hectic moments that occur as a result of earlier delays. Plus, I don't think it's fair for me to feel cross if people turn up late when I also turn up late. I also want to have concrete follow-ups to the many things I have planned beforehand. This pact boils down to two simple reasons: more discipline for me and zero tolerance on emotional hypocrisy.

Pact #2 Stop wasting time
Living without those unproductive hours spent doing nothing much on front of a computer. Be more organised when it comes to blogsurfing on weekdays. There is not going to be enough time in this world if I spend it unproductively.

Pact #3
To first listen, then think, and speak last
Just a way to curb those 'speak first, think later' moments. I don't have a lot of them, but I wish I have none of them at all. Moreover, since my comments often have conclusive overtones, I better let others pull out their brilliant ideas (out of their hats) rather than throw mine out and have no exchange of thoughts.

Pact #4 Read more non-fashion and non-design books
Vivienne Westwood once famously remarked that if a school leaver asked her whether to study biology or fashion, she'd always say biology... "because then you will get a better understanding of life." An open mind comes from a broader understanding of life, and life does not boil down to one or two small industries; it is a melange of various aspects of life. I want to read more books about applied psychology and adolescents' education. Oh, and by the way, Dame Vivienne was a schoolteacher.

Pact #5 Be more friendly
...and consequently, make more proper friends. Make proper efforts to link people's facial images with their names (duh, and I call myself an art student?) Friends are invaluable.

Pact #6 Live healthily
No no-sleep nights, down two litres of pure water everyday, no Twix lunches, no Pringles quasi-dinners... and constantly exercise, exercise, exercise. I would grow taller this way :q and have more energy, too.

Alright, I think that's all for now... these are the goals I want to stick to for the rest of my life. Have a good day, everyone! ^__^

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