Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Design Management

Another day spent at the library (so far.)

Being who I am and with what I got used to read, I am at home with both word-y and picture-y books. I'm blogging from the LCC library in E&C. The reason why I'm in this particular library (instead of the more study-related LCF or CSM CX libraries) was because of its abundance of eMacs - I thought I could use them for sound-editing. Well, to say the least my hypothesis proved wrong and I would have to go somewhere else to do my work.

As I was already in another part of the town I don't usually visit, I made a point of staying back in the library - reading books I wouldn't normally come across and borrowing DVDs shamelessly. The weekly loan duration at LCC is more generous that CSM Southampton Row's infamous two-day loan policy, which causes stacks of DVD to simultaneously 'disappear' on Saturdays only to reappear late Monday evenings (or even later if the borrowers could afford a hefty fine.)

The book I'm reading puts the process of design in a business framework (a pet topic of mine).
Surprisingly, it contains more practical relationship-developing advices than most relationship-related self-help books I have come across. It comes across as a bit odd, but since us designers are an odd bunch anyway... I wouldn't have much power in arguing how odd it feels to read relationship tips in a corporate-geared design process book. Especially more so with movies like The Corporation...

So many things to read and watch, so little time. And yes, I still have the sound-editing to do too. Any help offered, pretty please? :D

P.S. self-confessed Moleskine addict is on her crack hit #5: the large squared notebook. No signs of addiction abating anytime soon.

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