Friday, September 22, 2006

Perfect World

I'm turning into a Moleskine addict. The overdosis goes like this: a memo pocket to keep all those little bits of paper and photographs, a journal to record interesting things in letters, a plain notebook to record visual images, a diary to help me manage the hours in a day. I'm considering of getting a Japanese pocket album as it will be handy for trips... hehehe... Yoshi inspired me.

The proper classes are yet to prove that they are indeed interesting. I went to a photography class today; sophistication of techniques is definitely not the order of the day, but a progressive visual record is what the teachers are looking for. I'm somewhat disappointed students are not allowed to borrow a SLR camera for multiple-day trips. The good thing is, there is little need to get something high-tech as a camera phone will suffice (it's a fashion course after all, not a photography one.) All those being said, I feel a bit competitive and I actually want to have a stunning set of images in my photo journal, like the pictures of rust and public garden I took in Melbourne.

Most of the BA students from my ELUPP class are going to Portsmouth today. Mag, Bobo, Yuko and I are stuck in London since we are FE students and have classes already -sucky!! Oh well, I'll make sure I go to Cambridge, Oxford or Windsor before the term ends.

London is gearing up into autumn. I woke up to the smell of rain (and overcast grey skies) today, which heralds how the weather will be like for the next half-year period. I'm a winter person, but I miss the azure blue sky too...

The landlady's generous loan of a laptop ends sometime this weekend. In the meantime, I will be accessing the internet from the labs at uni. Internet stalls are abundant but I'm not too keen on spending £1 on a one-hour internet access service... I'd rather spend it on two McDonald's apple pies and keep a penny for myself. Tee hee ^__^

I will soon find out from the IT guy whether I will need a laptop for the studies, or whether a desktop will suffice. A laptop is a de rigueur of a student's life, yet a desktop is definitely more reliable for vector drawings and image manipulations.

Oh, there was a funny task at photography class we were supposed to do. The class was divided into five groups, and each student was given a piece of paper with a number of things to photograph (the lists were identical.) Some of the things on the list are:
- wooden spoon

- fish
- horse
- wheel barrow
- traffic cone
- traffic light
- sweetcorn
- swede
It was a hilarious session as our group got desperate and started snapping a toy horse and decorative fish made out of see-through fabric. It's an amusing way to learn to keep my eyes peeled and be aware of everyday things I usually take for granted.

Alright, that's all for now... tonight it's back to research on WSGN. Today's song came from a CD I left in Melbourne; it's by Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66. I sorely miss a fine clear day!

Why don't we take a little piece of summer sky
Hang it on a tree
For that's the way to start to make a pretty world
For you and for me

And for the sun we'll find a lemon bright balloon
You can hold the string
Oh can't you see that little world of ours will be
The prettiest thing

We can gather rain enough for the stream
To hold our happy faces
When we want a breeze, I'll blow you a kiss or two
Take me in your arms and our little world
Will be the place of places
Nothing left to make but breakfast and love

We'll hang a little sign that just says Paradise
Population two
For that's the way to start to make a pretty world
For me and for you
For you
It's what I wanted to do, to do
To make a world for you


Devi said...

OOT: you know Wimar Witoelar?

mukuge said...

Sort of. He successfully grilled me during the final stage of interview 9__9

Just being curious, what brought it up to your mind?

Devi said...

Oic. just browsing around on and found your link entitled with your real name there. First I thought it was just link exchange, but then, you never want to reveal your own identity, so it must be more than just link exchange :p

mukuge said...

Tee hee. I should congratulate you too, for having such a fine topic to be circulated around.

Btw, is the hiatus blogger on your list our real suspect? :O I'm clueless about it.

Devi said...

Ah ya! Thanks for ciculating mine! :D Naah, she's not what you and him expected to be. She's an ordinary woman living in Bandung if I'm not mistaken. She works as a teacher.