Friday, September 28, 2007


With Anne's arrival in London this morning, both my 'adopted' London sisters are around. It's also a sign that school days are just around the corner.

I really see Mag and Anne as my sisters now.
When we went to Freshers Fayre (some sort of welcome-new-students-who-grab-goodie-bags), I kept introducing both of them as friends "who are like sisters to me". I practically spent the whole day with the two of them, and got to know their boarding family too. It was a largely unplanned day that turned out to be highly entertaining ^__^

Going to Heathrow at 6AM in the morning is fun, once one got past the morning freeze. Free food supplies from Freshers Fayre (baked beans? instant mash?) replenish emergency fast food stash. Sucked into reading Death Note (it's....... good. Intriguing plots.) Have an idea of trialling this out, maybe. What else... the past few days passed in a flurry of events, parties, exhibitions and lots of new faces.

Ah, it's bed time for me. Have a good day :))

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