Monday, September 24, 2007

(enrolment completed)

I have just finished the enrolment process.

Welcome to three years of hell! (some say so - I disagree.) Or, rather, three years that I have waited five-and-a-half for. I'm keen to use these three years to become someone who is accomplished in her chosen field of work, and to turn me into the best person I can be. What I just said sounds naively idealistic. However, if I don't give this opportunity my best shot, I could spend my life regretting not doing so. Since I'm not keen on regretting, I choose to make the best of whatever life throws at me.

For me, the next three years are years of uncertainty.
There are many things I question and many questions still unanswered; I somehow look forward to get them sorted out. I don't really like to deal with reluctance and sense of probing-in-the-dark, but work with them I must when necessary.

This week marks the end of my erratic summer hours.
The timing for sudden weather change couldn't be better, too. It looks like autumn has come around. (More excuses to wear boots.) I am learning to live with my new mobile phone and its antics of asking me to adjust the date/time arrangement twice in a day, and to the new ringtones. It's funny to find out that despite the advanced digital ringtone playback, I prefer my sister's scream and my old alarm clock's cockadoodling ^__^

Have a nice day! :D

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