Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Konna Ni Chikaku De

I have decided to learn and master more languages, as previously mentioned... and I'm committing myself to it. I'm taking on Japanese since last weekend. The romantic idea of doing compulsory work experience in Japan (and extending it over summer holiday) is appealing. Visa-wise, I only have a faint idea of the necessary evil that is to come. I believe things will work out somehow... let's see how they turn out.

The main hurdle why I hadn't started earlier (with learning Japanese) is that there are four writing systems that are used interchangeably... sounds like linguistic torture to me. I'm tackling down hiragana and katakana, extending on kanji as my vocab grows. Nevermind the unglorious time register of this post, I did my part of writing J-pop song lyrics from latin alphabet to hiragana. I shall repeat this exercise tomorrow morning...

pound signs, reversed omega symbols, weird c's and z's... that's how primitive my reasoning went to remember the characters
This is... my fifth attempt to write Konna Ni Chikaku De in hiragana. I tried not to consult to the characters' list, and wrote characters that I were not even planning to write! Such are silly mistakes I tend to make when my brain is half-alive.

(Just to be trivial, the hiragana/katakana/kanji writing system the fourth one I attempt to master, numbers 2 and 3 being Greek and Cyrillic... which honestly are not very different to Latin letters IMO.)

On the lighter side, I wonder how diplomats dream. They are [supposed to be] fluently multilingual, and with an average of three languages mastered, what languages do they think and speak in their dreams? Do people in their dreams talk back in languages they understand? Would it get spooky or nerve-racking?

Still a long way to go... =^.^=

Koi ga setsunai to sugu soba de kizuita ano yoru
Datte hoka no dare yori anata no koto wo shiiteru kara
Itsumo no karigenai yasashisa sae
Kono mune wo shimetsuketeku

Konna ni, konna ni, chikaku de mitsumete mo
Doushite, doushite, tada no komodachi na no
Donna ni, donna ni, tsuyoku omotteitemo
Tsutae rarenai
You don't understand, I'm so in love with you

Aishiteru to tsugetai ii to
Mou nido to egao ni ha modorenai kamashirenai
Keredo tomodachi no mama tsugeri wa nai wo koi ijou
Watashi dekinai kara

Hontou wa, hontou wa, zutto suki datta no
Itsutemo, itsutemo, aishitsuzugete ta mo
Anata ni, anata ni, todoketai kimochi wo
Aoi sora e to sasayaku
I'm so in love with you!


Devi said...

Ah Japanese! I never learn it. I once tried to learn Dutch (Holland-spreek, yes!) but I failed, maybe it was just because I wasn't dedicated to it. :( I really wish to speak French anyway :D

Holiday is IN. The Zara shoes? They didn't give me a great bargain hehehe.

mukuge said...

ah, French is nice and handy! Why not start learning it? :D Its notorious hurdle are the male/female form and various verb conjugations, but apart from that... vocabulary acquisition and oral skills shouldn't be too much of a hassle. English inherits a lot of words from French, and the French r is similar to the Indonesian r (only more guttural.)

Oh well, Zara shoes in hand or not, happy shopping anyway! :D The sale season is just coming to an end in here, and AW07 stock have started coming in.