Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Movin' On Without You

Eto, an ex co-worker, recently made a comment on my age: "how could you still be 22?" ^__^ (answer is at end of post.)

Turning 22 could possibly be one of the less remarkable birthday occasion in my years of existence, the day being outshone by grander celebrations in the years past (the other 'shady' celebration was when I turned 14, but that wasn't too much of a big deal.)

On my 22nd birthday, my sister remarked that 22 was "past the point of cute and heading towards wrinkles". Well, posing like this will give you instant wrinkles. And Anne would kill me for this ^.^;

the ubiquitous 'peace!' pose
Last year I went to work like usual, albeit stashed with hundreds of panada to share with co-workers. Went back home with G in tow because it was a rainy evening. Was originally asked by mum to join her in Bandung while she was on an office outing, but dad couldn't manage to get bus tickets for me, hence the three of us (me, dad and granny) went to have a little celebratory dinner at Sinar Medan. We ordered about four dishes for three people: I wanted Ompung (my gran) to eat things she can chew on, my dad was keen on the spareribs and I had my eyes on steamed fish. I didn't ask my dad to bring his fancy camera, so my birthday shots were taken with his camera phone. Finally, my mum called the following day, and half-scolded me for not reminding her of my birthday (really, it wasn't such a big deal ^.^ )

With my birthday approaching, I keep thinking of what I can do in the coming year, and how the things I do will affect people around me. I've got a picnic party plan, but in the next three weeks it wouldn't be the major thing I fuss myself with. The older I get, the more aware of risks I am, and the more being reckless become a challenge. I don't like making mistakes, but I don't want my life to be perfectly still either, hence my desire to have more adventurous and harmlessly reckless moments in life.

In the realm of birthdays, my dad is celebrating his 58 years today. He's a busy man with a lot of responsibilities in hand, yet I still hope he'd tend to his blog more often. After all, there is still an 80-year-old man vlogging on youtube, so old age isn't a reasonable excuse for being informatically behind ^^

By the way, I learnt how to make cookies without recipes from Anne yesterday. It's relaxing to make cookies and have a good time to talk while waiting for the cookies to be ready. I'm not allowed to use the oven where I live, and it's a bit of a bother because I love feeding people with cakes and desserts. As for learning how to make good-tasting cakes without any recipe, my mum taught me that back in Melbourne. It happened when we needed to do something with a bag of over-ripen bananas, hence the tendency of me bringing banana bread or banana cakes to uni. I'm glad my friends liked them ^o^

On a more minor note, I have included a shoutbox in this blog, a long-overdue feature requested by tiny and scarlet at least two years back. Everyone is welcome to post things on it, as long as they're not of an advertising or commercial nature. Otherwise... so sorry to say they'd be deleted, pronto D:

As the story went, being 22 was more lively than turning 22... partly because the birthday lasted for a day and the particular age lasts for 365. And to eto, I'm still 22... because it takes me a year to turn 23 ^__^

Next project: learning Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, yay!

Take care :))

Tomadoi-nagara demo ii kara
Ai shite hoshii
Sonna koto iwanakute mo
Wakatte hoshii no ni

Setsunaku naru hazu ja nakatta no ni
Ii onna enjiru no wa
Mada haya-sugiru ka na


Devi said...

You're not officially 22, mate! ;)

Happy belated bday to your dad anyways.

Tukang Ketik said...

just passing by to see a cute girl

Mely said...

pardon my ignorance, when is your birthday?

and your dad writes well!

johnorford said...

another great pic. what's the point of having an oven that u r not allowed to use? crazy!!

mukuge said...

@devi: thanks dev, it means still have some days left to revel in my 'cute' days :E

@tukang ketik: hee, thanks a lot! :D

@mely: second of june. and thanks for the compliment, too! :D

@john: thanks :D my landlady is paranoid for all things potentially detrimental to her property (that includes the oven, grilled windows left open on a 3rd floor AND water droplets on the tap). Not that I dislike her, but she gets pretty demanding at times D:

johnorford said...

maybe consider moving?

mukuge said...

I'd like to move into a shared house, but I really love the area I'm staying in right now! :s what a dilemma