Friday, July 13, 2007


Humans are transient, yet the works of their hands are a legacy that lasts longer than their mortal existence.

With the death of Taufik Savalas, the Indonesian blogging community went into mourning. Many were saddened by his sudden departure, some more critical on how how his death overshadowed another transport disaster. As for myself, I am affected by his loss but at the same time I'm unfortunate enough to have not watched much of his now-infamous impersonations of public personalities (hence the lack of overpowering grief.) I hope his surviving family would have enough support to see through the future... somewhere along the way the Irwins have done after their loss of Steve, a.k.a. the Croc Hunter.

On a deeper note, I went to the Heart Exhibition in Euston. I was a bit surprised to find my visual studies tutor gazing at an exhibit case... finding your ex-tutor outside school premises and during vacation counts in as a nice surprise. The exhibit ranges from the cute, the religous to the scientific and the gruesome. It's an exhibition I wished Anne could see, for all the things she finds interesting.

I steeled myself to watch a heart transplant operation recording, casting a glance with my right eye when the scenes got a bit too stomach-churning. Why I used my right eye to have a peek is because the right eye is linked to the brain's left side, which handles logical work... my nerves would be too squeamish to hook up the gory images into my brain's right side. An opened-up chest cavity does have that beef rib layer look, and putting in the donor organ turned out to involve more work than removing the failing organ. I was somehow amused to learn how surgeons tack the inner chest cavity and blind stitch the skin... there are so much similarity shared with my current line of study. I simply have the luxury of being able to undo a faulty stitch with relative ease and little damage to the fabric structure; these surgeons can't do a wrong stitch at all!

All those tubes, machines and liquids were so needed to sustain the existence of a person. The human body is an amazing piece of living machinery in its own right. Medics devote so much time to learn about bodily functions that seem to happen as simple and assuring as how the sun rises from the east. Attempted mistreatement to the body is simply unthinkable o__o

I took down so much notes last night.

Finally, on the issue of how the heart is perceived as the centre of humanity. We have those moments when our hearts seem to have skipped a bit when that important, much-treasured name is mentioned (the other possibility is when the heart seems to calm down when that name is mentioned.) This diagram largely outlines my train of thought...

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How do you think we relate to each other in a social setting?

It does make me think that the physical body is a vessel for our consciousness. The consciousness creates humanity, and in turn the humanity it creates gets passed down to the following generation. We are more than just DNA coding and bits of stardust floating around the universe; we are surely more complex and fine-tuned than that ^__^

Humans don't just exist because of a blip or due to some divine whim... there is a greater purpose in our existence, and it has much to do with sharing our lives with others around us.

I really get carried away with this post... I'm really satisfied ^__^ Also, I managed to get the MP3 file for this song - yippee! :D The song is important not only because it's freshly procured or it's in Japanese, but because the lyrics share a lot with the rambles I have in mind.

Well then, just got a call from my friends, so I better meet them and go watch Harry Potter... that is, if I can procure tickets for tonight's session :))

Zutto mabushii koe de
Kitto eien ni aru
Furueteta mune wo tomeru
Natsu no kizumi tsuzuite

Sotto kimi wo kanjiteru
Fuu to nagareru gensou wa
Nami mo kamo koko kara
Saratteku yoyuu de shizuka ni

Kasanari atte tojita me mitsumeru kokoro wo
Wasurenai de, wasurenai de

Aoi namida no kazu, hoshi no kazu
Musunda sora ni
Nowhere, nowhere, nowhere
Itsuka kiete yuku
Tsukamu hikari hitotsu, hitotsu dake
Egaita yume wo
Somewhere, somewhere, somewhere
Nagamete iru

Motto hohaba otoshite
Yatto yoko naranda rizumu
Mayonaka no odayaka na
Nami ni osare tabi suru

Ima kasanari atte tojita me ga mitsumeru kokoro wo
Wasurenai de, wasurenai de

Hajimete no sekai ni kono basho ni
Kinou no kage wa
Nowhere, nowhere, nowhere
Katachi ushinatta
Mimimoto de sasayaita ima tsubuyaita
Kimi no kotoba wa
Somewhere, somewhere, somewhere
Asu ni nageta

Wasurenai sa, wasurenai sa

Aoi namida no kazu hoshi no kazu
Musunda sora ni
Nowhere, nowhere, nowhere
Itsuka kiete yuku
Tsukamu hikari hitotsu, hitotsu dake
Egaita yume wo
Somewhere, somewhere, somewhere
Nagameru futari
Somewhere, somewhere, somewhere
Kono kimochi goto
Somewhere, somewhere, somewhere
Wasurenai de...

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