Thursday, July 05, 2007

(foggy weather?)

Yesterday I went to this exhibition with Mag and KY before they leave London for summer. A 27-ton tilting stack of hollow metal boxes (assembled Lego-style with nuts and bolts) was one of the main attractions, but the top one was a fog-filled glass box visitors could walk into. I couldn't see objects that were half a metre away inside that box; that was how thick the fog was.

It turned out Mag was mildly athsmatic due to the humidity (the fog was generated from water), and KY was claustrophobic due to fear of bumping into another person (he did bump into two ladies). Here's a little scene a mischievous me created...
KY: "Where are you?"
Me: "Here..." (takes two steps forward)
KY: "I can't find you..."
Me: "Here!" (takes three steps to the right)
KY: "Gosh, stop moving around!"
Me: "Haha, I'm here!!" (run past the source of KY's voice)
KY: *bumps into two ladies*

ky's happy face after finding mag and me
The catch of going to art galleries is not being allowed to take photographs during visits, but we managed to snap some pictures anyway... thanks for the thick fog inside the box. We also took a picture of the man who stood next to the entrance with health and safety warnings, his hair covered with beads of water. Visit my flickr site for more pictures.

I wish I had one of these rooms at home...

Less than three months to go till school starts.

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aroengbinang said...

it must be a good experience, even for an asthmatic person :)