Wednesday, May 02, 2007

(mayday, mayday)

Today (yesterday) was supposed to be May Day. I wonder whether the tradition of dancing and wrapping ribbons around a Maypole still exists in England...

The fact that this post is made quite early in the morning is a result of working. As I have previously mentioned, there are still a few hours left for me to submit a proposal... and the details were only clarified on Monday morning. 3AM is such an ungodly hour to toil and labour in; I'd rather close my eyes and doze off into the dreamland if I have an army of tech-savvy leprechauns to help me out with my work. I've done general ideas and sketches, and now I need to make some sort of computer-generated rendering of what I meant... oh gosh... I wish I could've used watercolour in this project!! (that'll be SOOO MUCH EASIER for me.) So yeah... here comes my distress signal.

I want to sleep, anyway... I'm gonna go to sleep and wake up two hours' time, however hard that may be. My heart right now is on the pillows and not on the Illustrator ^__^;

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