Tuesday, April 10, 2007


With about 40 hours left to my first ever design interview, I'm reassembling my portfolio for a freelancing job at PromOcean. What got me interested to apply were two things: (1) it was a freshly advertised post, and (2) the company is part of the Li & Fung group. My mom had been nagging for me to find a decent holiday job, and given her preference for M&S and L&F, this one is a shot worth trying.

What lovely Marija (the person-in-charge) asked me for is also a useful pointer of what I need to do: an online portfolio. Sure, nothing beats a face-to-face interview, but an online portfolio is needed... especially if I'm applying for jobs located in far-flung places.

To break some good news, my mom had been discharged from the hospital. I haven't managed to give her a call, but I believe it's some good news she's heading home! Thanks for your concerns in the past few days :))

Alright then, it's time for me to get myself cracking. Take care!

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Devi said...

Glad to hear both good news :)

Congratulations, dear. Hope you'll enjoy your new job ;)