Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Before I brush on the topic, I want to share this picture with all of you... what do design students *really* do in class? This was what happened in open access session today:

Adele taking a break
Pattern-drafting tables make good makeshift beds ^__^;>

And now, following the oohs and aahs, my opinions on nattō.

According to Wikipedia,
nattō is one of the world's four soya-based superfoods. As of a couple of days ago, nattō was one of those exploratory food items yet to be tried on my list of things to eat... er, or at least try to. My housemate is an avid lover of nattō, and so are everyone in his family! So there we were, spending an evening talking about how his dad never fails to prepare nattō for breakfast at 7AM on Saturdays, to a point where his father's zeal earned a request from his sister to have some toasts for brekkie.

Oh yeah, my housemate's tales spurned me to try nattō once and for all... so that I can say "I have tried the stuff and it tastes like __________." (you can fill in the empty space ^.^ ) Given other non-Japanese foodies' experiences in savouring
the supposedly stinky stuff, I decided that I should have mine with miso soup on the side... just for insurance.

spin the neba nebaaa!!
Eeeek Not as bad as I expected. I could tolerate the taste although I'm not exactly looking forward to devour the remaining nattō just because "I love the taste". Aesthetically, the neba neba (sticky strings) were fun to play with, but eating nattō can potentially be messy because of them (I wonder how beauty queens would eat nattō given the neba neba.) The smell was strong, but it wasn't a problem since I have previously eaten tauco/douchi, terasi and durian. I would definitely eat this stuff with miso soup, as miso's mild saltiness provides a pleasant distraction from nattō's foamy neba neba texture. I wouldn't mind repurchasing it, as a box of four servings costs 53p.

I wonder where I can buy tempeh in London...

Probably next time I should try to eat stinky tofu. *glances at list of things to eat*

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johnorford said...

never heard of nattō b4! will have to hunt some down.

tempeh can't be that difficult to find!