Sunday, April 08, 2007

Whenever Whereever Whatever

I have got quite a lot of things on my mind lately. I really don't like thinking and talking about it, let alone blogging on it, but I feel like I'm going to rot on the inside if I try to make myself seem invincible.

I'm quite disheartened to hear my mom isn't doing too well with her health. This came to me as a quite a shock as she's a woman who excercises almost everyday and looks after herself particularly well (albeit with a tendency of pushing herself too far at times). As far as I could recall, she's always the healthy one at home, save a few occurences when we had food poisoning a year ago (and another one in the States) which usually occurs after we eat too much seafood. For a lot of reasons, this hit to her health is definitely scaring me... my brain runs at a slower rate because of thinking about her. Despite these, I really appreciate my family's openness about what's going on, because I hate to think everything is going well and smooth when everything isn't.

(I'm somehow glad my sister is going back to Indonesia soon, as it means she can look after mom when she's there. She was planning to go back to be with our parents, and the timing couldn't have been more coincidental... I don't quite believe in pure coincidence but hopefully all turn out well.)

I'm currently staying over at my friend Magdalene's place for the Easter weekend. It gives the landlady at home some extra breathing space, and I'm kind of keen to have unlimited showers at Mag's due to the fact her water bill is already included in her rent rates (which are unlikely to increase.)

Mag's apartment is sunny and small, and wasn't exactly interior magazine-prim... it's her 'creative chaos'. Anne and I ended up cleaning up the whole place out of our own initiatives just to make our stay feel nicer... and Mag was definitely pleased when she came home to find her apartment to be pristine and clean (she confessed that the clean state was actually better for her psychological/mental health.) I then realised that staying with that clean-obsessed, clutter-clearing landlady of mine has definitely done something good in terms of making zealously good efforts to be clean and proper. I know I have complained before about how strict she could be with water droplets in the bathroom taps, but I'm glad for her disciplines. It's like living with the headmistress of a finishing school.

On the funnier, more vain side of things, I've got a friend who's going to JRP. She's got a pristinely clean skin thanks to her mother's cravings of avocados when she was expecting, and back in Melbourne I would love to have her kind of skin (even now I still want to.) Also, she's the kind of person you would last ask for lotions or creams. If her class instructor at JRP found out what kind of skin maintenance regime my friend keeps, she's so bound to be shell-shocked... ^__^

I'm heading out to church now. Take care and happy Easter! ^.^

Lead me on girl if you like
Take my heart and my life
Take of me all that you want
And if there's a thing that you need
I give you the breath that I breathe
And if ever you yearn for the love in me
Whenever, whereever, whatever baby
Whenever, whereever, whatever baby

Wish I knew if I could
Be the one that you would
Love forever and a day baby


p01nky's said...

really??? she's going to JRP??? The JRP in WTC building???? Whoaaa... that would be interesting! I shud really catch up with her when I get back.

Devi said...

Sorry to hear about your mom's health. Hopefully she will get well soon ;)