Monday, July 25, 2005


I've been working for three days now, and I'm glad I still keep my sanity intact whenever I'm driving myself to and from work. I'm also thankful God has been waking me up a couple of minutes before my alarm rings - yes, and He is telling me to go to bed now too! ^.^;

On Saturday evening, I went out to have dinner with my family. We decided to eat seafoods: my dad ordered fried fish, my mum ordered otak-otak (yum!), and I ordered mussels and a crab. Since my dad was allergic to eating crabs, my mum and I happily lapped the crab. And then... on Sunday evening, we started feeling unwell. We kinda suspect we got food poisoning from eating the crab, as my dad was the only one who was in a relatively well condition compared to both of us. Earlier in the morning, I didn't really want to go to work because of the food poisoning (went in and out and in and out of the restroom many times), but I argued with myself (get-moving-or-lose-the-job arguments) and dragged myself into work today. Luckily, I recovered. As for my mum, the last time I saw her a couple of hours ago, she was still unwell she took time off from work (which is rare.) Hopefully she'll get better by tomorrow.

Lastly, dear Ponky and Andri, thank you for the book! It's really awesome!! TTvTT Can't believe it... hehehe... thank youuuu ^^

Alright, going to bed now... take care. I've decided that I will be a civilised/courteous/well-mannered driver regardless of how silly or futile others think the effort may be. To change a society, one needs to change oneself. It's a challenging effort, but I'm sticking up with it anyway. At least I drive on my own, so when I get irritated I can always sing on top of my lungs without turning anybody else deaf ^^; Tee hee. Take care, good night, sleep well!

P. S.: I miss my Ban Ban, PK and ICM the most. My sister, you rank in later ^^ (we chat quite often anyway.) Hope you'll have better eyesight than me soon! Although I would still like to be the one with better eyesight... hehehe...

Maravillado estoy de ti
Maravillado estoy de ti
Santo Dios
De quien la gloria es
Maravillado estoy
Maravillado estoy

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