Monday, April 09, 2007

(thoughts from other sides)

I'm quite shocked to find out Picasa is limiting the picture upload limits to 1GB. There are still ways to host and upload pictures through flickr, but it's quite an inconvenience compared to the existing system. One gigabyte of free data hosting is generous, but the restriction is like a lame leg to those who upload massively sized picture files.

In the past 48 hours, I watched Schindler's List... twice.
By the way, my friends are chatting behind my back (literally), and somehow I'm interested to put down several lines that they verbalise. I want to verbalise myself too, but I find it more interesting to be on the listening side of things.

You can't stick to one rule and make yourself all... difficult.

Do you believe in fortune-telling? --Mag
Let's say... I believe what they say, but I intend to prove they're wrong. --Anne
Then you should go. --Mag

How do you define what's beautiful and what's not? --Mag
It depends on yourself. --Anne

If people have the courage to kill themselves, they should have the courage to live on.

You have to get worse before you can get better. --Anne
Frame of reference, hey? --Mag
'Cause sometimes when you pass the worse, you don't really realise it, but when you get the sun you realise that you pass it. I know there are more worse but at that moment, you know you're there because you were worse. --Anne

Take care from me and my friends ^__^ (although I'm borrowing their names because they didn't know what I'm typing out)

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