Saturday, June 05, 2010

disappointment at 3,500 stitches


I just had a look at the college's smattering of press show releases. It was a good event. On my side, I feel left out and deflated after browsing through it. So much work goes into the 200+ collections submitted in March, and only 26 made it into the press show.

I must stop looking. (But I will buy the DVD, and watch it after Monday.)

Currently I am battling with knitting a garment. On the fourth try, it looks so far so alright. Except that it got to the part where I needed to use a see-through yarn, the yarn wasn't happy to sit there and it went all twirly. So it's disappointing to have to write off the yarn, and painstaking to unravel it back to where I was last night. And expensive to have to buy replacement supplies.
Also, it takes so much time to transfer everything when at least 100 stitches are being moved left and right, and my transfer tool is three stitches wide. Pain.

Back to work, then.

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