Sunday, June 06, 2010

at row #725

As you have read on the last post, much reworking and maybe 2000 stitches later (I am not counting anymore) the thing is ready for assembly. And I'm hungry. And I've got the paperwork to sort out.

God knows how things are going to get done by tomorrow.

When 'kill kill die die' doesn't work, it's just patience and perseverance. I never thought I would brace unravelling and reknitting especially when it got to the edges (i.e. super fiddly), but I did. Hey. I went from "&£(*%(£)!!!!" at first signs of trouble last week to imperceptible emotional reaction today. I learnt how to unravel stitches neatly (the first 20 were murder but the rest was plain sailing.) My eyes were fixed at my work so much the colour seemed to warp from a fire engine red to some sort of vinyl bright pink. Luckily now it's back to red again.

Alright then, back to work.

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