Wednesday, June 02, 2010

365 days later

Happy birthday to me!
Thank God I make it to this stage in life. Big thank you hug to my parents who persevere and have put up with much irritating behaviour to bring me up. A special mention to my sister, who was punchbag buddy in my younger days and a good phone buddy these days.

I ran as fast as I could to Princi last night, arriving at (what the doorman said) 4 minutes before midnight, ordered a slice of passionfruit cheesecake and gulped it down as the day turned! So that's how celebratory I was last night. I guess as I get older I think more about how to spend the day (work to do and self-errands to run) than actually cutting into a cake. Although, if we do make it to a restaurant tonight, there is bound to be some candles and group singing.
We: myself, Anne and KY.

This is, by the way, a pre-emptive message.
Thank you for your birthday wishes and have a nice day!

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Anonymous said...

Erm... Happy Bday ! Lets say i missed it because i was busy with my re-handin.
No i am not going to RCA show, or any show for that matter. Maybe CSM open studios or whatever they call their free exhibitions, though.