Thursday, June 17, 2010

4 years of college

...and it's all over.
No, it's not yet graduation, but it does make me feel ancient. Creaky. Especially hearing things like "you won't use [insert specialised machine name here] for a project anymore".


So yeah, today is the beginning of my job hunting saga. Amongst other things like finding Ultrasew and fine-gauge Dubied machines (or at least places where I can use them), making things to wear for Paris (again) and the cruise, and realising Rob won't be sarcastic at my ears anymore (big AWWW). And battling with that nasty voice that says "you'll never find a gainful employment in your industry up here."

I wonder why I can't quite manage to *spot* high summer by weather. It's always late spring or wet summer, before suddenly trees shed their leaves.

Ah, life.


johnorford said...

what do dubied and ultrasew machines do? said...
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mukuge said...

dubied makes knitted fabric (i.e. the humble fine jumper), ultrasew 'sews' synthetic fabrics by way of heating and molding them together.