Saturday, May 29, 2010

it's 4:30 and not 4:45 was a bit of drama, but just one hand-in left.

Anyway, I didn't mention the complete drama of moving around on the reflective summary at all. I had it on my skeleton notes, but somehow it didn't quite make it in. Despite the initial shock, I think in the end I handled the matter better than last year. In the end, the written piece was 2,306 words long, down from the original 2700 (and that was without the moving drama.)

I'm under stressstressstressstress because I'm getting into a situation I had not been in before. It's as if I have to read the minds of some official with a stamp. Sometimes I wonder how far can a visa or passport be faked for is to pass undetected?

My laptop's left click button has sunk in. Even when most times I tap on the touchpad instead. (And Delete button's a bit temperamental. Pets are like their owners, some say.)

Anyway, \ˈləv\ and %*&$ from this annoyed person.

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