Thursday, May 27, 2010

do I have to type it out thrice?

After a few seconds' worth of violence against the laptop (on count of a non-optimally scripted page re visiting Indonesia without a visa - how ironic did that sound?), I am *sigh grunt glower* retyping whatever little I typed before and lost. Quite possibly one of the last posts with a Y3 tag. Lessons from the restaurant floor for the design studio.

Sometimes, whilst it is not busy and there isn't much to do other than waiting for passer-bys to turn into customers, I would feel angsty because it was as if time was being wasted away. If there was nothing to do, I would start to come up with thoughts like "I wish I wasn't here so I could do something else more productive"... which is a bit pointless considering I was physically at work and nowhere near equipped to do the tasks I went through in my mind. This also meant that at one level my waitressing performance was affected - not to the point that my work noticeably deteriorates, but running suboptimally at part-time work because my mind was preoccupied with something else was doubly irritating. It was one of the reasons I took a break from part-time work to concentrate on my studies. So anyway it was done, I took a study break which was helpful, but I probably could've done something else to handle the whole situation better.

Anyhow. I was working again yesterday.

It was a busy evening to start with (which was good even though it was a bit of a hassle), and it grew progressively quieter. There was one point at which I was pretty desperate to get customers I sent my colleagues and myself to distribute promotional flyers on three separate occasions throughout the night. Business or no business, time flows on. It's just preferable to make money for the business as I work.

A friend's brother-in-law stood by this principle when he was mildly harrassed for leaving his workplace on time and before his manager leaves. He said that his assigned jobs were done, so what productivity does he serve by staying back when there is nothing else to do? There is a saying that says 'as long as things get done things will be alright'. It is somewhat true, but it needs updating. Things need to get done, and I'd rather get as many of them as I possibly can done.

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