Sunday, March 07, 2010

it doesn't really make sense

Why do I still blog?

phew. just finished stitching.
Thread cops run out...

two of these are gone now
Stocks of pencil lead are drained...

need a haircut methinks. *scowl*
Because sometimes, I try to look sullen (sleepy?) in the tube...

crazy flowers
...and college work drives me mad I wish money and time grows on flowers free to be picked - by me, that is!

and I thought steel won over cotton
Well, this was the third needle I broke in the week. Maybe it's the near-prodigious amount of sewing, or simply I was being too rude whilst tugging and manipulating fabric at the machine.

Have a nice day for you, and a productive (21-hour-long-awake) one for me.

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johnorford said...

weird pic - i don't think i've seen a pic of you b4 - good to put a face to a name. however sullen and depressed the face is!