Friday, February 26, 2010


Boiling an egg (amongst preparing other things) for dinner.

Whilst standing near the stove, a story came to mind. Back in the days of kiddyhood, my mother used to tell me 'papa kamu' (i.e. my dad - her speak) was a very thrifty student when the country sent him to study overseas. It was apparent from the way he prepared his breakfast: pop an egg into a pot of water, heat it up until it boils, pick up the egg and use the water to brew his coffee (and I presume he'd have some toast on the side? for carbs? It'd be a hard sell to believe he had no morning dose of carbs.)

could do better with the stove's cleanliness
A breakfast that remains largely unchanged as he gets on with life. I still have a love-hate relationship with parboiled egg to this day.

And, apparently, one that is fading as mod-cons come specifically for boiling water and poaching eggs.

Take care.

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