Thursday, March 11, 2010

gossips from the sweatshop stable


Yesterday I heard a third-year student purportedly spent £90 for a pair of tights. (what, made from gold? or maybe uranium...) This course surely has amazing hidden fees, indeed. I must say the extra £1,400 is closer to the average figure each student would probably fork out to complete their final year. To make things worse, there is no longer free B&W printing available on campus, tutor attendance hours are cut, and there is no colour photocopier in a building where tutors constantly ask for colour copies (there used to be one but who knows where it is now?) 'Insane' and 'administratively messed up' give good allusion to the state of chaos my college puts itself into...

This morning, I broke my machine's needle again. Five times. All under an hour.
From thinking it was jinxed to actual statistics, something must definitely be wrong, no? Either way, it's a downtime for me. I called a machine engineer to take a look at the problem but he's scrabbling for time allotment because I asked him to come before the weekend.

To be honest I feel quite lost without a reliable, working sewing machine.

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