Monday, March 22, 2010



I had my hand-in earlier today - maybe about two hours ago? But it doesn't mean the storm is over yet. There are things I need to finish for the show/photoshoot (both garments and accessories), as well as tidy up/pack/clean the flat. And visa stuff. It's a holiday that's bound not a holiday...

Let's say I feel a bit lost and off the hook without my work. I definitely dislike the deadlines and learning the hard way that I still need to be more decisive in developing designs. If there is something I learn about my personality in times of trouble, it definitely belongs to the 'blue screen of death' variety. Or 'rabbit hops on front of incoming trailer'.

I like pattern-cutting and sewing up samples, although I tend to stress and have a bad luck making final/press samples out of expensive materials (well, maybe I haven't clocked up enough experience?) Yesterday, I was happily doing two of these cream-coloured tailored jacket when one accidentally brushed against the machine needle pole (oiled) and got stained. And to think that I had wiped the work surface clean! That's one thing to watch out for. Spitting domestic irons are another category to watch out for. And, despite their pristine appearance, domestic sewing machines can gobble up white threads and spit them out grey.

...and I need a haircut. As well as decide which portfolio project to take on for next term. Out of the two: image-making and research, which one do you think will be great for me?

Awh, I'm just gonna take a break and actually surf the net proper. And eat good food. And sleep.

Take care!

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