Monday, February 22, 2010



Many things seem to be happening in my head a few months before they actually happened. People call it deja-vu, maybe? Today it happened twice. The first - classified under 'unconscious' - was when I was talking to a kouhai about last week's fashion academic life new pet peeve in the IT room (and ensuing little wisdom learnt.) And this fella's usually stationed near the giant hot rolling presser. Which, somehow, has been pre-reharsed in a dream sometime last summer. Oooo... okay. Maybe the strip lighting glared a bit in my sleepless eyes.

A few minutes later, proceed to email-blog-Facebook rounds.
(Courtesy of college facility and as a by-product of finishing my monthly internet allowance about 13 days into the month.) Aha, normal weekend, a few dozen new updates here and there. Oh, .... Oh. I see. Mmmmmmmmm.

Cue in a mental replay of this (does anyone knows where to get the alien shoes at 3:30 from?), having aurally overdosed on it last weekend. It is a better sleep-preventing drug than coffee, though. [A good timekeeper at under 5 minutes, and it got my productivity up too, but can't do it three days in a row.] I've caught myself ra-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ing and swinging my head around whilst pattern cutting, so that's probably enough illustration of how much listening there was last weekend.
Cue in conversation shouting to Person XYZ, "what the hell are you doing? stop tarrying around and either do it or not, learn from your bloody mistake"... in August/September-ish? So vivid and punctuated with XYZ's trademark why-did-you-bring-it-up-lozah silence. (Maybe 'critic' or 'busybody' provide better-suited alternatives to 'lozah'.)
Cue in fashion sketches for personal consumption made over the weekend. Not relevant to the FMP - so not, other than cutting into valuable sleeping time.
Cue in Y3 T3 file list, which - according to my laptop- is about a month old. This file has crazy bats*** notes of what I want to do next term (i.e. what is not relevant in the immediate future but I'm keen to do before graduating anyway.) Which kinda goes with the fashion sketches, the mental convo, and Gaga.
Cue in November mental note on Person XYZ's behaviour. Oh, now it does make sense. Note that I never physically carried out the convo threats shouting with Person XYZ. Oooo, spooky.

It does get very, very spooky if I thought about the range of dreams I've been having in the past decade. Things like running away from an infectious scary thing/demon/soul-eater which leaves me tired but too worried to go back to sleep (as I have fallen back into 'Part 2' of certain dreams before.) The loud mental shouting, as they take on more ordinary tableaux, are not as scary, but post-even recognition gives an even stronger chill because it is so prescient and much more probable to take place.

Back to fashiony things.
If you were wondering whether I make my own clothes, well I don't do it very often. The sampling process for making one outfit (lovingly cut x 1 as my paper patterns read) gives approximately the same amount of mental hassle as that of five or six of the same thing for making multiples. The final fabric cutting and sewing for making multiples is more of a hassle given the larger amounts of fabric, but one can establish a rhytm and end up with a better time-spent-per-garment result as opposed to sampling just one thing. A brussel sprout split is smaller than a brussel sprout and therefore less bitter, thus my tastebud dictates. Which goes with costing principles.

This leads to: fashion creation is a circular loop. There is street trends, then high-end designer, then somewhere more commercial like this, then... ASOS copy for £5? [Sometimes.] Or maybe that thing in Spitalfields market was discarded excess stock or production leftover.

Anyhow. Shudder. Not for the circular loop, but for the prescience. Go back to the first bit of the post to read it. And maybe because of the cold. Multiple possible reasons.

(The general contemporary art school dogma is inspiration can come from multiple sources at the same time without predetemined flow and linear timeflows can be disrupted, although I dare part with my industrial sewing machine if anyone can re-jig time for me and get me a few extra weeks before hand in. Well, maybe these guys can oneday. )

Take care.

Mental note: Sassenach version of cullen skink = potato+leek+onion cream soup with flaked haddock poached in milk. Wouldn't last a day.

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