Friday, December 11, 2009

this plus this plus that

I've been trashing my living room floor with photocopies, tear sheets and fabric scraps for the past some time (was it November when it had some semblance of a normal living room?) Yeah, yeah - blame three projects running at the same time, blame my preference for a warm bed, blame the overcommitment, blame me in general...

My course is notorious for the lack of academic writing its students are expected to dish out - the lack of reading other than visual imagery vampirism. Or, exposure to non-picturebooks.
I've also been happily traveling around a very small area on the continent (as dear blog-reader once read/heard/came across), picking up bits and bobs of fabric. Whatever fine fabric, or dream material, or strange invention I would sample in the faint hopes of actually marginally benefiting a textile manufacturer. And preferably share the courier cost with some other folk from my intake. Oh yeah.

Almost three months down the line, I find myself replying to a forwarded email on how VAT charges work, and how much should be paid to the supplier and courier respectively, etc etc etc. (It's not 20 bloody percent, it's 7.6) Managed to come up with two possible alternatives, which is probably doing not much comfort to my courier-share other half and probably not what a tax consultant would give to its customer. (Note to self: you have just reduced your chance of working in tax/finance consultancy. Cue boos.) But then, non-awareness of tax and tariff is everywhere - myself included - and probably it's good that there is some sort of information available to clarify how much charges are applicable to different types of goods, and at which point in time they become payable. The commerce degree makes me comfortable mucking around numbers and reading self-looping circular logic of T&T. I may have just found myself a niche area in fashion I can work on.

I am truly my mother's offspring.


Why am I doing tax stuff at midnight?!
Whatever happened to designing and cutting and job-hunting?

In light of £45 courier charges, I. Must. Order. Fabric. In. One. Shot.
Next learning hurdle: How to buy just enough to sample, all in one order.
I guess this is what Adele meant by 'they didn't teach us this stuff in college'...

wanting a daschund,
been reading Suhu lately.

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