Saturday, November 28, 2009

[ex]changing minds

I'm quite happy to have design tutorials again, even when it means working myself crazy over the things I need to prepare (why does mmy head feel so giddy these days?) It means there is someone I can bounce things off with.

Also, I suspect my assigned design tutor is probably happier with Hoxton-type folks, which I tend not to be, even though I live in Hoxton. My mannerisms are probably too Sloaney for college folks. Or mumsy, depending on who you hear from. Last night I went to bed early in the morning - a combination of late finish at work, bus-waiting and a drawing spree - but it was very strictly in bed at home, granny style, and living in the heart of clubland hasn't increased the appeal of changing and trotting down for a long night at the clubs... although it's helpful to have a 24-hour neighbour dealing in electricity and gas. And two doing late-night (early-morning?) trade in kebabs and fast food.

Last weekend I met up with a certain ex-Miss (from 3 years back). She, her London-based friend and I went for tea, and only from this non-domiciled girl did we find out that M&S has a beauty line! How strange is that. Note: actually, how normal is that, considering that apparel companies have a hobby to branch into beauty products.

Coming back to designing, I'm finding myself to be a serial polygamist when it comes to sketchbook and log-keeping. Two sketchbooks (each with mutating functions), a to-work-on photocopy pile, a reject-but-potential photocopy pile, endless loose sheets of paper, drawings on bits of design on torn-off-from patern paper. And a somewhat catalogued database of digitally collected imageries and photographs. I do think a lot. And I find myself to be quite scatty, too.

Sewing-wise, this has led me to start bagging cut-up fabric pieces that belong to different garments into a bag of their own. Hopefully this approach would help.

And, erm, actually, I quite like darts in sleeves... if they are somewhoat horizontal. Because they blend with elbow-area wrinkling (thanks to Bertrand.)

Shoes are in the pipeline, although for now I am rather freaking out and feel like running around like a headless chicken. This giddy head addition isn't doing me a favour, either.

Have a good day!

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