Thursday, January 28, 2010

discomfort produces results

Pardon the title.

Having been raised in the little-supervision-and-maybe-not-enough-discipline camp, I have noted that I tend to work best under pressure. Not undue pressure, but just enough to perk up concentration and effort. Such as times like these... ah, for goodness sake I am meant to pattern-cut, not wail on my blog.

Look at what I did last night! Here comes visualbite:

quaint reminder of 615-150 Organizational Processes
(Guess how it went for me last night.)

So yes, probably mild hunger is good. Although prolonged hunger is not preferred, and rational-sounding hunger ("I must be 8-stone skinny" types) are not quite physiologically justified.

And after attending a visual communication lecture earlier, why didn't we have this talk two months earlier I feel like this blog needs to be typed out or laid out in InDesign... any pointers, dear readers?

Take care.


pOInky said...

Hwahahahahha.. You must have too much time ya chaaar.. Drawing the chart.. Hahahaha..
If I show it to mom, she'll probably call you and yell for an hour or so... ;)

johnorford said...

love the flowchart! : )