Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the bait too bloody obvious

Pet hates
- "where are you from? did you go back home this summer?" (on first design lesson)
- "do something with batik/ulos/songket/[insert your favourite textile tradition here]"
- certain types of I-am-too-proud-of-my-country final year collections
- 50 collections of laser-cut dresses, or 50 of digitally printed collections, or 50 collections illustrated on gaunt boxy-shouldered tweepy females, or "I am inspired by draping and bias cut" x50... just anything in quantity within a graduating year
- chiffon on satin evening dresses (next, please)
- darts

Also, but what is it with these?

@&*$%!and @&*$%!yet more @&*$%!
Visual juxtaposition? Re-exercising Antwerp RA's third year brief? Or can he get away with this because he's bloody not colonialised to be classified as 'ethnic'?

Bruno said: vassever. Bloody hell to whatever 'do this' or pet hates. The more "multiple readings" I can cram into a collection, the better. Whether the exercise is seen as me bending to their [so-called] cultural will and the inevitable forces of globalisation is auxiliary.

I'm off to bed. Good day.

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