Sunday, August 09, 2009

preparedness costs (sometimes)

Last week, I enrolled myself into a summer short course (due to take place in late August) and paid the requisite fee in full. I decided to do this as soon as I could because there had been an occasion where a certain course I was interested in was cancelled due to lack of subscribers - I wasn't quick enough to register. Fees for a cancelled course are usually refunded in full, but there is an element of wasted time and opportunity when one could have been accomplishing something productive.

Anyhoo. This week, I went to said short course provider's website. It was to check on the course dates so that I could manage my internship and part-time work schedules. And guess what, I found out that the course prices were slashed... by 20%! That's enough savings to spend on materials for the course, modest sandwiches for lunch etc. I feel stung, very financially stung.

It does make me think whether being prepared comes with a price tag of paying price premiums - no discounts on course fees on this case. Or whether there are costs associated with being prepared in other sets of situations: getting turned down for pre-empting initiatives, etc etc.

On the brighter side, there is no course cancellation this time around. Hurrah to no delays on my learning outcomes ;))

Alright then, I'm off - Sunday is market time! I haven't been to Brick Lane, Camden Lock et al for a long time. Time to hunt for a cheap frying wok and some cool.

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Xinda said...

That's nice when one sees the positive side(s) of "bad" things...Nice blog, Achar!