Friday, August 28, 2009

new name given

In London the standard pick-up line I come across is 'ni hao'; in here it's 'genki yo'.
...from being Chinese to being Japanese. So, anyhoo.

I'm in Paris.

France hasn't relatively changed much. The internet (yes there is wi-fi) is shamefully slow, 3G access is even slower, and food is expensive (and I keep on getting hungry.) Métro is well-organised but the signages suck. I should take more pictures.

On the other hand, even MacDo's serve good desserts. I bought one for €2 - its name start with Choco****** - and art books are relatively cheaper. Not that I have a generous travel budget and plan to help my luggage procreate, but this museum's bookshop is top-notch. Its exhibitions are top-notch, too. This evening I'm off to yet another museum (with a library - how cool is that.) If vendredi really means Friday, it means today it's closed at 11PM.

I also managed to go see Colette and, later on, walked around and got lost in Saint-Honoré looking for the station entrance and... tragically, found that I went in a circle and ended up back at the museum.

Please remind me to edit this post and insert the appropriate pictures, as I'd like to get on with museum visiting and not get bogged down trying to upload pictures on snail surfing :))

Alright, that's all for now. Time to set off once more.
Have a good day!

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