Sunday, July 26, 2009

Miss-ing some hairs

The newly crowned Miss England is an athlete, her runner-up a soldier commended for bravery in Iraq (excerpts here and there). This year's Miss Indonesia's list of achievements (sourced from e-very-where) sounded like a shrinking violet next to what her MW competitors are up to.

Don't get me wrong; I like multilinguists, especially those who can communicate their ideas in their non-native languages. But when the comparison game is on (and it happens in full force in pageants), six homeschooled diplomas seem somewhat insubstantial to root up claims of the Olympics training and war soldier types. There isn't much information as to why Karenina wanted to do MI09, but... I've long felt as if beauty pageant contestants in Indonesia are more of the 'careerist' types: set off and do modelling, then do beauty pageants, then find film work or something in the entertainment industry.

My dad once joked that if I had not been callously fed to formula milk on the day of my birth, I would have been taller than my sister and would've won the contest. To which I replied, "but then I would become an artis" (note the italicised spelling and context-specific meaning.) And I wouldn't be doing something I believe in, the way I am now. So never mind the smaller frame, I quite like it.

Back to the beauty queen talks...
If these Misses give a good representation of the countries and societies they hail from, I'm pretty sure Indonesians score pretty high on the thy-image-is-of-primary-importance column. Which is what would probably come in handy in the long run, since I'll be funding my livelihood from some sort of sartorial vanity fulfillment.

Ah well, so there went commentaries on current affairs.

Also, a friend commented on the chain picture I posted here. She asked me whether I was "really as chubby as the picture showed." Well, to that query I respond with the latest picture taken yesterday (along with online image distribution of the new haircut, albeit three weeks old):

Spock. Otherwise known as Kokeshi Star Trek.
Voilà. I believe I've done my blogging duties.
Have a good day!

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