Monday, February 02, 2009

rattus niveus

My hopes were not entirely abandoned. Walking cautiously in baby steps, I got to work/internship just before 11 and we effectively worked for three hours (without machinist and pattern-cutter) before the head designer decided to abandon studio and send everyone home at 2PM.

To cut the story short, I had a field day. Went off with a friend to build things out of snow: rat, Ghibli cat, pathway-blocking boulder. I found taking pictures of snowy condictions is difficult enough with a normal camera phone, so I decided to take video recordings instead.

On Magdalene's commentary:
According to her, she used to pick up things that lie around at home and sell it to her sister. Hence her unique reportage style.

I heard there will be more snow tonight, and I hope so too, to the point of the whole Central line being shut down. The more, the merrier ;))

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