Monday, February 02, 2009

storybook weather

It snows in London.
Which is something rather unusual, considering that most usually turn into slush and mud instead of sitting thickly on pavements. It caught the city rather unprepared, and bus services were suspended last night. As a result, I had to walk back home last night. The saving grace is I recently moved to a more central location, thus making the journey much shorter and more walkable for the average pedestrian. And much more physically taxing, too, because we had to walk and push off snow at the same time.

Here are two recordings of me acting like drunk. It's quite funny how freak weather can change behaviours.

So, the few things Russia has given us:
- Oligarchs, lots of cash and astronomically high property prices
- Snow. It stands at around 4 inches today

I'm happy at work, but I wish I can have a day off today - getting around under these conditions can be a chore!
Take care and enjoy! ^__^

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