Wednesday, February 25, 2009

summer 2009 plan


I plan to spend my summer in the northern hemisphere this year. It's still unclear whether this means "London", "travel the world" or something else.

I've been getting advices on how to spend my summer this year, namely:

1. Go home
The option I dread the most. I would be way too unproductive in preparation for my third year, not to mention four long-haul flights to get there and back. The saving grace is finding factories for sample production. There's also the chance to test out AirAsia's new London Stansted - KL service (price-wise it's better to book with Emirates or Etihad in January though.) Last year
I missed the chance to grit myself with short courses... and given my love of learning, I'd probably skip this option.

2. Take courses across the Channel
I was told to take on a short course in Milan or Paris for networking purposes. Which sounds great, until I worked out the finance part (half of a year's school fees for a three-week short course? Those continentals are nuts.) The execution is, sadly and rather inevitably, shelved due a chronic lack of funds.

4. Work experience
Add another name onto the growing list on CV. Opportunity to network and source HR are greatly increased. Getting the right label to write a reference letter for your is a covetable pearl, but with that comes the shark of getting worked to the bones under a thinly veiled reason of 'training' and 'self-development'. So much for apprenticeship. And you'd think sweatshopping is dead. (Quite the opposite, actually.)

5. Travel to China and HK
For obvious reasons: find factories. Buy fabrics. Stay for free.
(Learn Mandarin phrases above "tuoshao", "xie xie" and "wo ai hong bao" - but they'll arise out of necessity. The Chinese community in London would be pleased with the vocabulary progress.)

6. Holiday travel
Lovely opportunity to relax, but who'd pay for me?

[Well, there was no number 3 and I intend to keep it that way.]

As for the more boring details of life this month... I believe they deserve a post of their own. Coming up soon!

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Devi said...

As much as I hate the huge possibility not seeing you around this summer, I've been thinking to spend most of my holiday too in a way of no fun. Studying comprehensively, that is; both in theory and practice. Since I promise myself to catch the holdup, this is my final year before holding my Bachelor's Degree. Wish me luck! :)

Anyways, I vote for #5. I think you may learn something new, albeit in my personal opinion, Chinese designers are pretty much swayed by the westernization. (This judgment came from what I saw on Fashion TV - sorry if it's irrelevant LOL)