Friday, January 02, 2009

off to a crackin' start

So, yesterday was the first day of O-nine.

If I were back in Jakarta, the order of day would predictably be:

family quiet time right after midnight
church service at 6
breakfast at 8; get ready for 'the rounds' with extended family
set off around town for 'the rounds'
come back home for quiet dinner
relaxing time (e-surfing/reading/chatting)

However, with differing residential constituents and geographical location, 09 day #1 becomes more akin to:
extended family heart-to-heart talk/quiet time
breakfast at 10-ish
lunch at 12-ish
set off for shopping or movies (I went for the latter) (with Dad
walk back home
quiet dinner at 8
relaxing time

Since my mum had been asking me to spend some quality time with her, I initally asked her to come along, but she honestly and tactfully declined due to the fact that she almost always fall asleep in movies (they aren't her thing.) She suggested me to ask my dad, and I did (we haven't had much quality time together, either.) We went here, as it was pretty close to home and we could get back home easily on public transport. The cinema was pretty packed, and the queues made me wonder if we would ever get the tickets in time for the next showing.

(We did.)

We went to see this hilarious movie. Which he liked... but it had boring bits in the middle, so he inevitably dozed off. I felt bad for him falling asleep whilst in the cinema. Somehow I persuaded him to stay to watch another movie, and he was kind/gracious enough to shell out the fare for two tickets yet another time (with the inherent risk of the movie could be boring he could fall asleep once more), so we went to watch one from a different genre.

The second choice of movie unnerved me, but I'm glad it turns out to be so good my dad didn't fall into winks at all. I didn't even bother to look at my watch and check the time. It was that good.

So, afterwards we walked home... and the rest is, readers, as has been outlined above.

Hope you have a good time with your family ^__^

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