Wednesday, December 31, 2008

thanksgiving recap

It's 2:30AM down in Melbourne (which means strictly speaking I'm in the new year), but since I haven't gone to bed and this blog's timing is set to GMT... I still have a right to recap my year in time for this year's blog sign-off! Hooray!

This year, there have been a few developments here and there:

1. My sister got married and she gave me a brother-in-law. Wow.
2. Learnt to be more discussive with my parents... mainly through disagreements.
3. Adjusted to the fact that I am not a superwoman who flawlessly run three different parts of life that may intersect at times.
4. Followed up my acts and got myself sorted out for more Europe (worldwide?) travelling in 2009
5. Said enough to reticence, confronted unlike-minded guys, and dated a few more. Hardly everyday fare for someone used to self-cloistering.
6. Practised enough packing, moving and interim-living with minimum amounts of self-possession
7. Read more books, watched more movies. And learnt more about my music preferences.
8. Made real connections with people I had previously only known in name beforehand
9. Flew long-haul six times... that's about six days spent in airplanes and airports.
10. Started to use more of my computer's specs, until it conked out a few weeks ago.

I have little things to add to my list of things to do. I aim to improve the existing to-do/goal lists I have made in the past. And I aim to "make more money effectively". The little hamster in my brain's wheel churns out good ideas which need to be borne out.

(Which reminds me to do this. Phew - good timing!)

Anyway, that's all for now.
Wrapping up the year gives a better sense of what one has achieved during the year, and provides a good opportunity to tally them off with plans made at start of and during the year. Given your track records and plans, what do you plan to do with your life in the coming year? How do you reckon these will be carried out?

Happy new year!

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