Monday, July 21, 2008

Under the Sea

The deed is done, my sister is married!
Officially this signals the start of my 'true' summer holiday... which, in light of holiday homework, becomes non-existant.

This also means that no longer shall I be 'shielded' from incessant go-betweens, marriage offers et cetera. So, does that call for a hurrah to speed dating...?

On a note, I managed to meet up with this lady, who turned out to be a pleasant and well-versed young woman to converse with yet has enough insanity (cam-whorship?) to match my cousins'. Thank you ^__^

I need to get my thoughts together as this blog sorely needs a few well-written posts! So, adieu for now :))


Devi said...

My pleasure! ^O^

What about coffee break at Senayan City this weekend? Hm, I mean Saturday or Sunday, cos this Friday night, Senayan is actually going to be super crowded due to the wedding of Adinda Bakrie at Mulia Hotel :P

Dewi Fortuna said...

Who's those girls? Aren't they so beauty?