Thursday, July 17, 2008

Won't Go Home Without You

Here I am after nearly a four-week hiatus. My sister's wedding preparation is chugging along alrightly (if things were to proceed uninterrupted).

From the viewpoint of someone who will go through a wedding once, it can seem like a mayhem and I can somewhat emphatise with brides-to-be who exploded due to a nearly ineligible typo or some other types of nearly indistinguishable imperfections.

On the other hand, how monotonous it would seem from the viewpoint of those purveying these bridaled goods. Day in and day out, one could meet couples who'd demand that every stitch is aligned just perfectly so with a 0.1mm tolerance or whinge about the smell of a certain range of body moisturiser on a regular basis... whilst all of them think that "this only happens to me once". Which is why I'd probably be happy (happier?) doing something 'monotonous' like workwear rather than something as chaotic as bridal wear.

Many say that they get nervous when people close to them get married. Oddly, it appears to be quite natural for me apart from when I first heard that my sister was about to get married to a guy she had repeatedly turned down (hasn't the case always been a hundred 'no's and one final 'yes'? ;p ) She didn't feel overly fluttery, too. I don't really feel anything weirdly special is about to take place in the next 24 hours. Well, apart from the over-zealous salon/spa visit routine that is...

Other than that, it's bed time for me at 7PM for a 2:30AM wake-up call (it's 5:30 now in Jakarta.) I need to pick up the make-up artist for a 3AM start to the day. Enjoy your time ^__^

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