Saturday, August 02, 2008


I'll start my work placement here on Monday.
(Unpaid, more likely, but since I won't have to travel far it means commuting would be less of a pain.)

My sister misses me more than I do. Maybe it has something to do with my inclination to be emotionally detached. She herself seemed to think that it was because she had never lived in 'anyone else's house'. Other than that, it sounds slightly funny to my ears that she needs to register herself to a new kelurahan
(what's that in English?) as she had moved away and legally started a new family with her husband.

I also went to check up on my two-week-old nephew, courtesy of my cousins' :)) It's a boy; the name's Raynier. He's quite collected, he nurses a lot, and he pees a lot (it's a baby.) I think I'll be seeing more of little Raynier in his current form before I leave for London.

In the entertainment scheme of things, my homework (to-watch) list grew longer with the addition of this series. Also, I had been quite clumsy to manage to forget where I kept my MemoryStick adaptor!

This is my first step towards killing the writer's block.
So folks, that's it for now ^__^

P.S. my dad is watching The Sound of Music next door, hence the title.

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