Wednesday, February 13, 2008

(18 months)

I had a good time talking to my parents over the phone in the past two days. Here are some excerpts from the talks...

Dad (B): Thank you for calling, be wise with your spending, don't burn your money... [herein referring to mobile and calling card spending]
M: Don't worry dad, the money's already burnt, I'm just using the ash.
B: (laughs)

I went to see Bora Aksu's show in Natural History Museum this morning. I never knew the designer's actually a Caucasian-looking guy!! I've always been under the impression that the designer is a she with African heritage. Never mind the confusion, my head's probably just not quite right. Also, timeliness and being early are very important things in fashion - having a ticket doesn't mean the guards will guarantee your entry into the tent. That is the case, unless you're Suzy Menkes or some other uber-important personality in the industry (even then, I'm not too sure the guards will remember your face... excuse my skepticism.)

Ah... no, I didn't pay for the ticket. The standing ticket got me in and I somehow managed to sit myself on the third row (out of four.) It was a good show with lots of nice floaty dresses and leather bodices. Question is, with the show being held to showcase designs available for autumn/winter merchandise, where are the coats?

Another thing I'd like to post is 2008-09's term dates.
Pathfinding Week --- 29 Sep - 3 Oct 2008
Autumn Term --- 6 Oct - 12 Dec 2008
Spring Term --- 12 Jan - 20 Mar 2009
Summer Term --- 20 Apr - 26 Jun 2009
Looks like next year starts and ends later than usual :))
Alright, that gives me 18 months of preparation time to start of third year. I have somewhat narrowed down my subject choices to about 4 (from ten). I still need to arrange which disciplines I'll be taking in short courses, which, given what's been jotted down my calendar so far, doesn't leave me with much time to faff around.

Compulsory working experience term, although not yet disclosed by college, is possibly going to take place on the spring term for my group. So, I'll be happy to work between mid-December and mid-April, save the off week or two for Christmas and Easter.

Alright... I guess that's all for now! Take care and wish me (and help me to get) all the best ^__^

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Devi said...

Wishing you all the best yah say! ;)

Glad to hear you have a close relationship with your parents, which not every kid does. Sukses terus! :)