Saturday, February 23, 2008

(no trains to Oxford)

I'm on a weekend away in Otford, half an hour away in Kent.

It's the second day, and while my friends are off on a lovely countryside walk, I'm staying back to do creative research (and got sidetracked to Blogger after 40 minutes.) That's pretty much one span of undisturbed concentration.

Anyway, I love the countryside, and I hope there are families I can stay over at for weekend trips now and then, as I love the fresh air. Whilst I'm on wi-fi, the little kids (who also stayed back) are watching a movie... a pretty nice Saturday afternoon in general.

I wonder what KY and Anne are up to now - they left (with 47 other students and a few teachers) for PV in Paris. I walked her to St Pancras, which to my amazement is only 15 minutes on foot away from home.

Ah well, I'm running out of things to say. Time to get back to work :)) have a good day!

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