Sunday, December 09, 2007

(define 'home')

Hi people out there!

This is to let you know I'm back home... wherever 'home' is. I'll be around for approximately four hectic weeks before going back to London.

Small bits of update about life:
- London flat is somewhat deserted as three out of five head for the Far East
- not happy with how I handled my project last term
- not too happy either to have my scissors and awl confiscated by airport security - yes, they are sharp... and so does everyone wears clothes (doh.) Getting new fabric scissors in the near future.
- I find my bedroom to be unusually comfortable and roomy
- traffic in Jakarta is still, well... as per usual. :))

Alright then, have a good day folks! ^__^

1 comment:

Barry said...

Enjoy your time in a warm place now . I am just glad I don't have to deal with Jakarta traffic :)