Wednesday, December 12, 2007


An hour ago, I walked out of a dentist's room with one less wisdom tooth in my mouth.
(And a bloody gum to take care of.)

Since I was little, I've never shirked away from going to the dentist. I quite enjoy going, to be honest, as there were so many books and magazines I could read whilst waiting for my turn (or my mom's turn). The only thing I really despise is having one's [wisdom] tooth/teeth taken out.

Now, why do I dislike having my tooth taken out?
- it grew out alright, although it was essentially a root canal maker-in-breeding
- my teeth, despite their small sizes, possesses what is collectively known by Indonesian dentists as gigi orang batak - grippy roots. This necessitates extra elbow grease (and resulting pain) upon extraction.
- the throbbing sensation on the operation site, sign of blood pumping and leaking through the stitches (big eeek factor.)
- temporary facial paralysis... I can't smile.
- I smell like anaesthesic, which is not exactly my favourite fragrance
- no nice-tasting food for the next couple of days D;

Anyway, I'm quite glad I can still think straight and type out this post. I'll let you know how I fare in the next 24 hours. In the meantime, have a good time folks! ^__^

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